Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, here I come with an update on what's actually going on. As even though it looks like I'm not working at all I have been busy pretty much all the time.

So here's the thing:
I am currently writing a story and starting to organize the storyboard. A storyboard is not just drawing what takes place, but is in fact a lot of work with the different scenes, shots, sequences, pages, line and scene description, time start & end along with frames start & end and much more.
And as I am serious about this and professional I need to carefully plan this so that I do not confuse myself, and yet make it simple enough for anyone who wants to later join the project.

But yeah, so right now I am just starting with the storyboard. I have finished writing the first part of the film, and just that is a lot of work. I do however plan on being finished with this before the start of the next week so, keep your eyes open for updates on Monday.

Other than that, I embrace myself for the opening of my company. I can only work with this project (Eto.101) on my sparetime as I've mentioned before. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 25, 2008

More stuff

So, I was bored like hell today so I made some more models, then I looked at "roflcats" and this and that. Here's at least what I made, two very simple objects, a shelf and a picture frame. And yes, that is me on the picture frame.

The mirror - Wireframe

So, here's the promised wireframe. I looked up a few different methods of creating wireframe, some are taken from from those helpful peeps, other methods are from
I ended up using one from 3D Buzz, rendering with Maya Vector and changed so that that quads are rendered instead of tris. There's an option called 'Edge Style' that I set as 'Outline', and underneath that was checkboxes, 'Edge Detail' and 'Outlines at intersections' that I checked and used a degree/angle of 45. Ah also, the edge thickness is 0.5 and changed the color to blue of course.
For future references if you want to know how to create wireframe in Maya now you know one way to do it :) I used Maya 2008.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The mirror

So, I did finish the mirror today, just forgot to upload the pics so I'll do it now. I'm also in the process of creating wireframe shots, unfortunately it's not just point and click in Maya and it magically creates a wireframe shader, I do hope they can implement something like that in the future. But but, here's the mirror:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Company projects

Hi there. So, I have resumed my 3D modeling a bit, however it's not on the head or that character shown below. I am in the midst of starting up my company now together with my partner so I need to do company projects to make money.
And unfortunately the character below is a hobby project I do on my sparetime. However, the things I'm working are now are furniture models that will be up for sale once they're finished and the company is officially up and running, to be specific it's a mirror that I'm doing now. It will be higher poly as this is more of a "modern/rich folk" mirror :D
Right now it's almost halfway done, without the exceptions of textures and materials (those will be included with the model once purchased).
All models that I do and are for sale will be displaced on the company site ( and also on other sites like

It's because of my company that I haven't been able to model much lately because of all the paperwork and other things I needed to take care of.
Anyway, when I've worked a bit more on this mirror model I will post images for you peeps to see. The modeling will be done today, but the texturing might take a bit longer as I need to prepare some good ones.

That's what's up. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A short break

I'm writing here just to say that I will be taking a short break in the 3D modeling for a little while, the reason is that I've got other things that needs to be taken care of which has a higher priority (has to so with my company). I haven't been able to work on the head model for two days and possible a couple of more days will have to go by before I can dig in on it again.
But trust me, I try to finish the other tasks as quickly as possible just to return to the awesome world of 3D.

I've also registered to 3D Buzz's ( amazing MasteringMaya - Advanced Digital Production class and now I hope that my registration will get accepted before they close the registration process. Let's cross my fingers, been saving up for this class for quite some time, would be ironic not to get enrolled in it at the end.

Anyway, this was just a quick notice just to let you guys know what's goes on.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Half a head


For now I just have a very very basic head. I just figured I'd post some WIP pics as I go. That way whoever wants to follow my progress can, but mostly so that I have some WIPs that I can go back to and show up for critic later. But for now it's way too early to do that. Hopefully I get to work some more on this head today, I'm organizing and refoldering papers for my company. It's soon time to start it up. And I also have a lot to do so modeling will be the thing will that suffer for now, sadly.

Anyway, here's the WIP head, it looks awful I know, but just wait and you'll see some nice progress.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A placeholder

Just wanted to post this placehold/bump etc, for a reason. Anyway, I have started the head and hopefully I'll get some pics up in a few days, if I'm lucky I will be near finish today or tomorrow, depends on how much time I spend today modeling.
I'm quite hungry.

Male model

So now I have a little time to post some pictures of my male model. He doesn't have a head yet as I'm still working on it. Actually trying to find good enough references for the look I'm going for, not going too well with that right now.

These pictures are now the newest ones. After I took these shots and looked at them myself I noticed some errors, like the shin muscles, the back crease of his lower spine, some thigh mispronounciation and a few other. The reason why I didn't notice them before is cause I rendered with a physical sun (I think, there was some mixup) and when I saw how the shadows fell on to the model, that's when I noticed them.

I've fixed these things and been too lazy to do other renders, I'll be posting later once I have the head in I suppose.

Anyway, without further addo...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free Houdini Training Videos on 3D Buzz.

I'm promoting the 3D Buzz Free Houdini classroom, it needs more students for new free content to be made. If you want to learn the incredibly powerful 3D application, Houdini, this is once of the greatest sorce you can find. 3D Buzz is really dedicated to what they do and please help us all continue to gain this amazing content for free.

" — The Houdini Online Classroom is 3D Buzz's centralized location for all Houdini training. It provides free access to video tutorials, contests and group discussions. It basically gives you everything you need to get a firm grounding in this fantastic 3D application used in films such as Spider-man 3, Beowulf and Superman Returns."

Thank you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Preparations, preparations.

So, I do have some stuff I will soon post here but I need to prepare a bit, like the model, the setup etc. I'm also learning ZBrush now to sculpt and add the final touches to the model, however, Maya won't let me export to an .obj that isn't corrupt.
For you who do not know, if you want to export a model and later import it into ZBrush you need on of three kinds of files, .obj, .dxf or .ztl. Any major 3D program should be able to export to either .obj or .dxf, however Maya corrupts the file formats and when I import them into ZBrush I get an error or the model won't load at all.

So now I will have to debug the thing and maybe look up another .obj exporter, as I doubt ZBrush is at fault here.

Anyway, other than that, I'm making a human male model. He doesn't have a head right now and I want to create it before importing into ZBrush, thus why I'm learning ZBrush beforehand so that I know what to do once the model is finished.
And as I said, later I will post images, whether it is today, tomorrow or a bit later, they soon will be here. Now I have some work to do :)


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blog changed.

So, now I have come to a small conclusion that I miight start posting more on this blog.
I'm thinking that if I have a blog specific to some subject that I perhaps will spend some time to post in, and the subject is 3D/CG. For you who do not know what CG is, it's 'Computer Graphics', with other words, anything from 2D, 3D, digital concept art, movies and yada yada. Mostly when someone mentions CG they think of 3D animated movies such as Ice Age, Hoodwinked, Toy Story, Shrek etc. but that however is not the only thing CG stands for, just a heads up.

Also, along with the 3D/CG blog I most likely will have anything that involves that, meaning, pre and post production too. So, without further addo, I now introduce my newly refreshed blog. And soon enough I will start posting any projects that I'm working on and any relevant/irrelevant information and chant I have.

Look forward to it!