Thursday, March 13, 2008

First concept, draft 1

So, been a while since I posted something, been busy. But here is the first concept of the first character. This is draft 1 and there are some proportion errors and I haven't decided about the face just yet. It most likely won't look like that, but that will come in the next draft.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Portfolio site

So, I've decided to finally create my own portfolio site. I've been thinking of doing that for probably over a year or even more perhaps. The thing was that I had almost no time or found other sites that could host my work. But at the end of the day it's still better to have your own site where you apply your own rules and aren't restricted by stuff like maximum upload limit, filetypes, management systems and alike.

My portfolio is hosted on Origion Studios website, link below. It's still not much to see as I've just started to add the main files today, but more will come over time.
I've also watched lots of ADP videos and now am gonna go ahead and create the concept art for project Eto.101. So if things go ok I will be done with these soon enough. On monday I start up my company officially and a LOT of my time will go poof away :p So I won't be able to work on project Eto.101, or other things as much as I have been able to this past week. I am however looking forward to that as I finally will have stuff organized, and the most important thing is time.

My portfolio site:

Friday, March 7, 2008

ADP Videos

So, I told myself that I would finish the storyboard yesterday but I got second thoughts about to whereas I should do it. The reason to why that was, was because I need to think up the title, the project name, the project "team" name and a few more. Now the title and project team name isn't important but what is important is that I need to know how long those things are going to be and how much things are actaully gonna show, and I do not know that currently so that means I cannot work with that just yet. Instead what I gonna do is take some time now and watch the ADP (Advanced Digital Production) videos. Now it's mostly the introductions to those different programs I'm gonna be using but I think it's important that I at least one have watch them through so that I have stored that info at the back of my head. Then later I will have easier to learn those things that I may have forgot.

I've also been thinking of creating a website, more like a portfolio, with work in progress, finished work, information/bio and other stuff. It's just that I don't have that much time and with another such big project will be very much in my already busy schedule, which was why I didn't just went ahead and create one before. But now I see that maybe I won't have a choice. As I want more control to how to manage my files, images, videos and overall look. And with this Blogspot, well for one I will be limited to only 1GB (which is quite much) but sooner or later I will be needing more. There may come a time where you will be permitted more space in the future but that's not something I'm taking my chances on. In a 3D/CG production environment you quickly will get to the point where it exceeds that amount, and plus as I said, I want more control on those other things.

But yeah, this whole day I'm gonna take to skim through those ADP videos and I'll see what I'm gonna come up with.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Storyboard - Part 3

So, here's two more pages of the story board. I hope that today I will finish the rest of them for Sequence 1. It's not much left to do, just an introduction, a little more shots and the title.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update on the character

Just a minor update on his shins, I fixed to look more natural, however there's a bit more work that needs to be done, like the 'Achilles tendon' (I think it's called), the back knee joint and the overall upper muscle on this shin.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Here's some wires of the lowpoly version of the body that I've posted before:

Monday, March 3, 2008

Storyboard - Part 2

And here's the two more pages from the storyboard. Now it is coming along however, only these 4 pages will give me TONS and TONS of work, if I alone will work on this it will probably take me months to finish these scenes (and it's only 3 scenes). Sequence 1 consist of I think 7 scenes so I will draw them out in a storyboard format too before beginning the actual modeling (which I already have really, and come rather far in terms of these scenes).
Anyway, here they are, also edited as I do not want to reveal the story just yet.

Taken down my ADP blog.

Hi there, I've come with the news that I've taken down my ADP blog. The reason: I don't want to have two blogs where I'm basically will post the same things, and when the times comes I would have just seized with the ADP blog once I've finished "Sequence 1" but it would continue here, and I couldn't see the logic in that. So it came to that that I took it down. So this first post I will post everything from the ADP blog I had, fortunately I just had two posts whereas only one will I post.
Here it comes:

"So, I've begun to start look at the videos and I've just made it to the Goblin concept art. I've had a project that I wanted to finish for a long time and I already have a story for it so I might as well go with that. That way I save some time from coming up with a completely new story, new concept art and new models (I've in fact already modeled out a great deal of props for this project).
However, from now on I'm gonna go to the start and finish those things that I missed and/or skipped. For instance I do not have any concept art, it already exist out there but seeing the Buzz videos I learned that it would be so much better with custom made.

The good and bad thing is that I do not participate in the actual class meaning, I'm not bound by the same rules as the students but I also won't be getting personal and private critique on my work from "the masters" :)
One good thing is that I am not obligated to tell my story as I do not want to reveal what this project story and setting is. It it not my original and it may very well fall under the copyright infrigement of a certain company. Rest assure though, I am NOT stealing, copying or tracing any work, I CREATE everything from scratch in a high definition 3D environment based of the references from this company's product.

Also to make it clear, 3D Buzz has nothing to do with this project other than teaching me the advanced digital production (the pipeline so to speak). Anything and everything related to this project is solely my creation. 3D Buzz cannot be held responsible in any way.
(Just to make it really clear ^_^)

Anyway, enough babbling and time to show the storyboard. I've creating so far only two pages (with 6 panels total). Enjoy.
SIDENOTE: I've taken away the description and other info that every panel has, as meantion I do not want to reveal too much."

Then I posted the pics that are already shown in my other post below (Storyboad - Part 1).

Storyboard - Part 1

So, I've just had a nice breakfast, spaghetti and minced meat sauce. It's leftovers from yesterdays dinner, awesome stuff, give you lots of energy in the morning.

But anyway, here are the first two pages of the storyboard. I didn't have too much time working on these but at least I got two pages finished (6 panels), and there's tons more to do of only the first sequence. This pretty much is one whole scene, I edited and removed the description of each panel as I do not want to share that just yet. I want to actually finish the whole sequence 1 in storyboard form before I share any kind of other info. Meaning, that I will update the forums and probably start looking for people to join up on the project.

Edit: I actually forgot to upload the pictures, anyway, fixed now, enjoy.

NOTE: Also, I will implement this project as my project for the Mastering Maya - Advanced Digital Production class over at 3D Buzz. That way I won't have to start yet another project in my already full schedule.