Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bee final composition.

I'm gonna end it here. I need to study up on lighting and shading a lot more in order to make this image look good. Currently I am just playing with lights not really knowing what I'm doing but hoping the result is good. Such method is not good to go by, it eats a lot of your time.
Thus, I'm gonna look for tutorials and other enlightment in this area so that I can evolve.

I will later post an image of the actual bee after I've redone some stuff. Just because I'm planning to send it to, but only if it's good quality of course which it currently isn't.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bee update.

I've made a rather simple scene to place the bee in. The bee is not finished yet but this is the general mockup. I'm playing around and trying to create a nice light setup, but for a novice like me it's hard. This is a quick post-image that I took to Photoshop (and clearly visible PS effects), this is not the final version, plus the final version will be higher resolution.

Basically I'm struggling with getting a nice environment so that both the bee and the background looks pleasing.

Pixar Intro Parody!

Ok folks, this is the second time I blog about something that isn't created by me. But as with these things I feel they have to be seen by other people. This is a hilarious short about the Pixar's lamp intro. There's nothing that can be said so you just have to watch it.
Be sure to be seated before watching, or you might hurt yourself laughing otherwise.

This is made by these folks:
Writer: Dan Gurewitch, Sam Reich
Music & Sound Design: Carl Sondrol
Animation: Gloo Studios


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bee model update.

I guess I continued to work on this model, I'm gonna post my updates for today. Gonna continue tomorrow or something, I'm going away for the rest of today.


EDIT: I added the two AO and wire images, as a request by a dude over at Because I did those I figured I could add it here as well. Just didn't wanna create another post for that.

Spontaneous model.


Today I was browsing the CG Society forums like any other day, then I found a thread where someone posted a link to a new site called It's sheets (image planes) of various insects, animals and plants. Well, that's what I think it will be, as it's rather new there isn't too many things there yet.

However, I took a look at those sheets and when I saw the bee I just couldn't help myself, I modeled it out. It's still a WIP I think, I want to create real bee textures and such, and possibly work on it in ZBrush. I slapped on a temp texture just so that it looks a bit more pleasant than plain gray stuff (or AO/Clay render).
Well that's all I had to say today, I'll probably continue working on it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Project Eto.101 - Pre-viz 01

I just wanted to put this up here just because. This clip here is a early pre-viz for the project codenamed Eto.101. It shows scene 4 at sequence 1. There's not much to actually see here but if actually care to understand a bit then you could check the storyboards I have posted here (it's part 3) this clip is about.

Anyway, there's really not much else to tell. I'm on another project right now so I don't have much time for eto.101 but as soon as I'm finished with that I plan to more seriously work on that.