Sunday, September 11, 2011

Learning VRay and the use of the materials. (Glass, plastic, metal) - Post 2

Made a bit more, added more things to play around with other type of materials. Not focused on lighting so far. I also see that my glass shaders aren't the best. Things are definitely off, maybe I made them too thick (most likely) but also I need to blend them a bit with the liquid inside the glasses.
There's not much to be told what I did as i basically did the same on thing, added a VRay Mtl and instead of making it use refraction I made it solid of course.
I do not have the best setup of light so things look a bit bland.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Learning VRay and the use of the materials. (Glass, plastic, metal) - Post 1

Learning VRay and it's materials. Doing some glasses and very very simple lights. Gonna add some more stuff of course, want to try metal and plastic materials as well. See how well that goes.

These are just VRay Mtl materials slapped onto two glass models in Autodesk Maya (shouldn't matter which software you use though as these are VRay specific). I changed the transparency to full and the amount too. The glossiness is on 1 (which means clean glass), Refraction IOR is 1.6 for the glass as it is standard for glass surfaces. On the glass to the left I added a slight blue Fog Color. The one to the right has completely white color. I get a few problem areas mainly at the top and at the sides of the glass.
I'm gonna play around with the Fresnel a little (now currently locked to the Refraction IOR). The very tip of the glasses gets really black, could be because of the background but I better check my settings and the amount of Refraction and Reflection subdivs (currently 10 which should be more than I need actually, 4 or 5 would suffice I believe at the current setup.)

I have a very simple rectangular light just above. No settings changed there. I will prob later.