Friday, February 15, 2008

Male model

So now I have a little time to post some pictures of my male model. He doesn't have a head yet as I'm still working on it. Actually trying to find good enough references for the look I'm going for, not going too well with that right now.

These pictures are now the newest ones. After I took these shots and looked at them myself I noticed some errors, like the shin muscles, the back crease of his lower spine, some thigh mispronounciation and a few other. The reason why I didn't notice them before is cause I rendered with a physical sun (I think, there was some mixup) and when I saw how the shadows fell on to the model, that's when I noticed them.

I've fixed these things and been too lazy to do other renders, I'll be posting later once I have the head in I suppose.

Anyway, without further addo...

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