Sunday, December 28, 2008

Body refinement

I tweaked the body a bit and as a base it's almost complete. The hands and the neck still needs more tweaking and just a tad on the back. After this I will jump into the face again and finish that up and then go on to unwrapping this whole thing.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New head yet again

Long time no post. I even forgot to wish you guys a happy Christmas and whatnot. I hope I remember to at least wish you a happy new year as well ^_^

Now then, I've redone the whole head from scratch again. I won't give up until I get the perfect results. Hopefully this head has a good future. We'll see what other people say.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Flag model update

Yes, I've finally found a way to animate those stupid flags. After weeks and weeks of trail and error I finally found a way.
Of course I'm talking about the flags for the open source game Nexuiz. The animations are pretty much done, there's still a bit more things to be done but overall the hardest part is over. Now there's just a 'semi'-hard part left. But before I talk about that I need to know if that will be done or even can be done.
However, I don't believe it will be long now until I release these flags for everyone to see and enjoy. So till then I'm just going to keep you guys in suspense about the animations. Of course, you can still download the static flags and follow the thread I have over at Nexuiz forums but I'm not going to upload these half-done animated flags just yet. You'd have to settle for the static.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Portals model done.

I believe at least. Unless someone has any comments regarding the texturing the models are done. I've put them up on the Nexuiz official forums. So now I'll just have to wait.

Friday, November 14, 2008

More textures

That's right. Even more textures, these are a set. Btw, you can use them anyway you like, for commercial work, personal or even in GPL game or whatever. Consider these textures I make here as GPL. If they weren't GPL i wouldn't post such rather high resolution :P
I have these available as 2048x2048 as well. :)


That's right. I'm posting some textures that I made. These are 1024x1024 including normal maps of course. It's good to have textures as you never know when you'll need them.

EDIT: I changed the normal map, the one with circles. I saw it was incorrect and so I fixed it so that the normal map really defines what's in the texture.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nexuiz Portals model and DAC

Hi there people.
Long time no talk here. At least if feels like that for me, and I bet it is. Will have to check the last date I posted something here after this.
But anyway, just to fill you guys in whats been happening. I've started to model a Nexuiz portals model. What this actually is is the following: Nexuiz has a gun which created two portals, one 'start' and one 'end' portal. I even think 'teleporters' are a better word but they are called portals in Nexuiz. You step into the 'start' portal and you're teleported to the 'end' portal. Now this works only one way, so you cannot step into the 'end' portal and come out from the 'start' portal.

Now that's the actual description. But be sure to check that portal gun out in game. It's actually called 'Port-O-Launch' that gun.

Aside from that, I also have updated the 3D Buzz competition scene, unfortunately Maya kept crashing when I was only halfdone with my entry due to insufficient memory. So I wasn't able to submit anything as I wasn't even finished with my entry. This latest image shows how far I actually got into the competition. But I will still finish this piece in my spare time. I don't want to give up on this yet :)

That's it for today guys. Hope my next post won't be so far along into the future.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I've made further advancements to the DAC contest. Been busy like crazy with my portfolio lately (one thing is still not finished) but I found time to do the DAC. I need to concentrate more on that if I even want to be qualified as a contestant. There's some rules (not too hard to achieve but still), like showing people the progress of your work and explain the steps and stuff (or something like that). Anyway, I'm going to be, it's late and my ears hurt because of the headphones I have on and listening to Creed (while modeling).


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Portfolio update and contest.

Man, been busy lately the last couple of days. To start things off. I have updated my portfolio site with added sections and pages. I embedded a javascript for the 3D Gallery instead of having it open a new window which I disliked a lot. Then I re-organized stuff and all which goes with that.

However, the biggest news is that I entered a contest. It's the 3D Buzz - Digital Artists Competition where you have to create a digital image in the halloween theme. The image can be anything, even traditional paintings and photography as long as the end result is a digital image (i.e. just take a picture of that image).
I however, decided to stay inside Maya and ZBrush. I made a quick rough sketch along with some initial modeling. In the next couple of days I hope to have made more, depends how busy I'll get with other stuff.

Anyway, that's all the news I had for today, or tonight actually. It's 3.02 AM here and I'm hungry and sleepy. So, I'll say goodnight from here and see you next time.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mouth update.

Forget about what I said that I will do the body topology, after seeing work from Jackson Gichuki (aesis412 on CGSociety) I just couldn't resist redo the mouth even more. I suppose it was a good thing, do the things that you burn for at the moment before you forget it, right? Anyway, enjoy.

Mouth changes.

Ok, I made a few mouth changes, especially to the corners. This is as far as I'll go now. I'm going to take a break from the head and redo the topology on the body instead. I'll post this image up for critique on CGSociety and see what people say. That's it for now. Next update will be posting images on the topology of the body.

Bought portfolio domain and webhotel

Today I bought a domain that I will be using as my portfolio. I wasn't able to find a place for my server to be at so I had to go with a webhotel. I don't mind really, it is incredibly cheep and it will be up 24/7 so I won't have to worry about issues I had before.

So, from now on my online portfolio domain is going to be:
I had a different before but I didn't like it too much in the end and it was too much hassle to move that one over to the new provider.
When time permits I will be re-creating my portfolio from the ground up and add more stuff to it. Now that provider also provides a blog, however I don't know if I will be using that blog, as I will upload images and stuff and I have a limited space for that now. We'll see what I'll do.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Head and mouth

I've re-organized the topology around the mouth and the jawline for this model. I was trying to make the mouth like a folding O (like an O folding in on itself). I've outlined with green color how that would look like. Hopefully I got it right and if it passes the critique along with the rest of the head, then the head would be done topology-wise and ready for sculpting. Note that the ears are ways of from being done.

There's more re-topologization that needs to take place on the body, I'll post more of those screens once that is done.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mouth shot

I did a close-up mouth shot as requested by a fellower over at CGSociety.
I'm kinda using this blog sometimes for a good place to upload images to showcase for other people. Just to keep you informed. As soon as I get another reliable place I'll be using that instead.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Continuing on

Ok, an update.
I've been working on the Nexuiz flag for a while now and I have a new concept and made it ingame. I'm currently asking for feedback back at those forums. We'll see how it turns out.
Of course, it if I succeed in creating a good flag is still doesn't mean it will be included in a official release. It would be cool, but I won't count on it. It's just a model for those who like to replace their flags.

Now, I also have started to work on the character guy model. I'm going to post it on CGSociety forums to ask for feedback about the topology. I think the body topology could be better for animation purposes. But I'll see if what I get and if I can get by what I already have.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nexuiz Flag - Texturing Done

From Maya:


Finally the texturing of the Nexuiz flag is done, I've rendered it out in Maya and also managed to get the flag ingame with those textures on. It went a lot quicker than I thought. I thought I had to experiment and recompile and change stuff like a madman for days. But I don't think I spent even spent an hour for that. Good thing though.

Anyway, if you want, as good as, a complete step on how I did this you can follow the thread I have on the Nexuiz forums.