Sunday, September 28, 2008

Head and mouth

I've re-organized the topology around the mouth and the jawline for this model. I was trying to make the mouth like a folding O (like an O folding in on itself). I've outlined with green color how that would look like. Hopefully I got it right and if it passes the critique along with the rest of the head, then the head would be done topology-wise and ready for sculpting. Note that the ears are ways of from being done.

There's more re-topologization that needs to take place on the body, I'll post more of those screens once that is done.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mouth shot

I did a close-up mouth shot as requested by a fellower over at CGSociety.
I'm kinda using this blog sometimes for a good place to upload images to showcase for other people. Just to keep you informed. As soon as I get another reliable place I'll be using that instead.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Continuing on

Ok, an update.
I've been working on the Nexuiz flag for a while now and I have a new concept and made it ingame. I'm currently asking for feedback back at those forums. We'll see how it turns out.
Of course, it if I succeed in creating a good flag is still doesn't mean it will be included in a official release. It would be cool, but I won't count on it. It's just a model for those who like to replace their flags.

Now, I also have started to work on the character guy model. I'm going to post it on CGSociety forums to ask for feedback about the topology. I think the body topology could be better for animation purposes. But I'll see if what I get and if I can get by what I already have.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nexuiz Flag - Texturing Done

From Maya:


Finally the texturing of the Nexuiz flag is done, I've rendered it out in Maya and also managed to get the flag ingame with those textures on. It went a lot quicker than I thought. I thought I had to experiment and recompile and change stuff like a madman for days. But I don't think I spent even spent an hour for that. Good thing though.

Anyway, if you want, as good as, a complete step on how I did this you can follow the thread I have on the Nexuiz forums.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nexuiz Flag Update

The Nexuiz flag have now been unwrapped (was a long and tedious process) and I've started creating texture for it. The texturing process is at the beginning so nothing all that spectacular have yet happened.
I'll put this one up for critique and see what people say. Of course I'll need to do more work on it and I have some things planned out. I just wanted to give an update on where I am for now.
I've used a green color so that it would be neutral from either red and blue. And I provided both a black and white background so it would be easier to get the idea across.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I've been doing a thing that I actually shouldn't. I played around in Maya with shaders and whatnot making a die. There was this tutorial on a die that brought up UV mapping and such. Now I've seen lots of such tutorials but never actually done a die myself. So I figured I'd make a quick die so that I will have it over with, but the process, from a simple 10 min fun thing, turned out to be a huge time consuming project. I didn't get satisfied with just creating a simple plane texture for a die and map it in Maya. So I started creating a simple shading network, but over time I added more and more stuff and in the end it just got a whole lot bigger. I almost put an all-nighter to finish it, but I wanted to get some sleep.
Now, the day after I still continue with the die. As of this moment, I am rendering a final image, but I've rendered out another image before this which I've been playing around in Photoshop with and make some comp work. And the result as you can see, is the image above.

Apart from this die thingie, I've continued with the flag for Nexuiz. Now I managed to get the flag into the game and the next step now is to UV unwrap the flag and create some textures. How I will implement the textures into the game I have no idea, I will have to go for the 'try and error' approach, along with asking for directions on the Nexuiz forums.
Btw, if you want to follow my work with the flag you can go here (Nexuiz official forums).

Anyway, hope it will turn out good. Till later.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nexuiz Flag - Sev Concept, update

I've updated the flag a bit, redone the stick and added a "laser stand" so to speak. The glow from the laser disturbs the glow from the Nexuiz logo, but I think it looks ok. Just have to put this up for critique on the Nexuiz forums.

I've tried exporting this to a .smd, but with the setup I did before it didn't work. I just have a hard time exporting to .smd from Maya. But hopefully if I use Milkshape and Blender, and go back and fourth from one app to another I can make it work. We'll see. When I imported a .ma file (Maya Ascii file) into Milkshape, Milkshape crash all the time. Perhaps my scene was too messy (hopefully) but if not I'm gonna try with different computers and different versions.

So much work to make this work. I hope I can get a hold of 'Doc-Pyton', a guy who made weapon models for Nexuiz and made them work. The best part is that he also is a Maya user, so hopefully he can help me a little. We'll see.

Nexuiz Flag - Sev Concept

I have modeled out a flag concept for Nexuiz. This concept comes from Sev, a guy in the community. I made just a few changes and took some liberties.
The flag is yet not comleted, not only is the texturing/materials on this flag incomplete, but also the stick needs more details. So far it is at 1906 tris. I'm trying to keep it to a minimum, and I bet if I really wanted to I could cut the details here and there to save polys. But I'll see what the other say about this first.

Zuriastrad made a very similar model to this one, but he didn't want to continue with the model so I suppose it now falls on me, if I can get some .smd exporter to work somehow.

More to come, stay tuned.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Portfolio back online

My portfolio is now once again back online. That are good news, however I will be renovating that site for a while now. I don't like how it's build up and I've been looking at other peoples portfolio websites. Hmpf, suddenly all my time just went away.
Anyway, it's good to have a site again up though, now it needs to be nice and easy to follow.

The adress is:

Head and ear

I've started working on the head model again. I've been studying how to model ears as this is the first ear I've ever done. I've also re-made the mouth entirely, I actually messed it up before. I think if I get good critiques on this head topology wise and whatnot I will take it in ZBrush for the final touches. Reshape the head a bit and give it more character.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally done watching ADP videos.

As the title suggest, I have been watching the ADP videos from 3D Buzz and watched them whenever I could to catch up to what's been happening. The good thing about this is that now I can also take up my ADP project again. Before I do that however, I will need to re-organize some stuff and figure out where I want to go from here on.

On another note, sometime next week I hope for my portfolio to be up and running again. But not only that, I will reshape the portfolio into a better visually representation of a portfolio and easier navigation. I will also need to update stuff on it and take away whatever I don't feel confident in, bad work with other words.

So, the ball is rolling again!

- Kuroto