Sunday, September 11, 2011

Learning VRay and the use of the materials. (Glass, plastic, metal) - Post 2

Made a bit more, added more things to play around with other type of materials. Not focused on lighting so far. I also see that my glass shaders aren't the best. Things are definitely off, maybe I made them too thick (most likely) but also I need to blend them a bit with the liquid inside the glasses.
There's not much to be told what I did as i basically did the same on thing, added a VRay Mtl and instead of making it use refraction I made it solid of course.
I do not have the best setup of light so things look a bit bland.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Learning VRay and the use of the materials. (Glass, plastic, metal) - Post 1

Learning VRay and it's materials. Doing some glasses and very very simple lights. Gonna add some more stuff of course, want to try metal and plastic materials as well. See how well that goes.

These are just VRay Mtl materials slapped onto two glass models in Autodesk Maya (shouldn't matter which software you use though as these are VRay specific). I changed the transparency to full and the amount too. The glossiness is on 1 (which means clean glass), Refraction IOR is 1.6 for the glass as it is standard for glass surfaces. On the glass to the left I added a slight blue Fog Color. The one to the right has completely white color. I get a few problem areas mainly at the top and at the sides of the glass.
I'm gonna play around with the Fresnel a little (now currently locked to the Refraction IOR). The very tip of the glasses gets really black, could be because of the background but I better check my settings and the amount of Refraction and Reflection subdivs (currently 10 which should be more than I need actually, 4 or 5 would suffice I believe at the current setup.)

I have a very simple rectangular light just above. No settings changed there. I will prob later.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Progress on Eto.101

I've finished the texturing (more or less, I bet I will need to do more work, in fact I anticipate that) on the ground for scene 1. I will do some normal or perhaps even displacement maps. I think I can get away with normal maps though.
If you're curious on my process or anything I have recorded it with screenshots. I took screenshots every 15 second then edit it together into a clip.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New portfolio website launch

Okay, I just wanted to write here to say that my new portfolio website is pretty much finished. At least it's okay for a launch.
Go over to to check it out. If you have any comments or suggestions I'm all ears. I want to make it better any way I can. It's not as cluttered as the last one I had and it pretty much only focuses on my 3D stuff instead of the websites and textures and whatever else I had on the last one.
I haven't updated the portfolio to as much of an extent as the last one either because I only want the best things I've done and not ever single thing.
There's also more stuff that I will be adding there shortly but for now, I released it the way it is now.

Hope people like it. Cheers dudies!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Corona shading update

Okay. this is as far as I can go now. Time is up, I have to render it out. Once I have more time on my hands I might revisit this one and redo the textures and even add a background.
Still looking forward to any critique anyone might have. About the textures, the lighting, any errors and so on. I know it's not perfect but as I said, I've ran out of time.
Currently rendering out 360 turntable and it will take a few more hours.

Because keep in mind, I also need to create the reel and add other 3D work to it. I have to do all this before May 10th.
Well, keep being awesome dudies (dudettes included) and have a good time!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Corona base shading

Done the base for the shading. Now I can focus more on the shaders and light. I did try using IBL (Image Based Lighting) but I don't have any good HDR images. I'm also using VRay, unfortunately I have just begun exploring it. I'm not at all that familiar with it. So it may take some time for me to get into it and get good results.
Time however is something I do not have. Oh well, let's see what I can come up with in the next week to come.
Currently this image is using the standard lights that comes with VRay (2 rectangular lights, 1 point light and one spotlight which is used as a rim light).
This was a very quick setup and this is not the final result. Well, I hope I can get into it tomorrow after work.
It's bedtime now however so I'll be saying goodnight to you guys!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Corona shading

I've started to unwrap (though I don't think it really is necessary as I'm using shaders but what the heck, I might use textures in the future so why not. Besides figured I could use the training and experience working in UV Layout) and shade the Corona project. I don't really have anything fancy to show, these are just very basic and very simple shaders and basic light.

Hoping this weekend I'll actually get to unwrap and shade up the whole thing. And do a little more as well. Hopefully learn a lot in the areas of lighting and shading while working both with Mental Ray and VRay. I will try both and see which result I like the most.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I lied, now it's finished! -.-

So yeah, seems like I forgot some really important part (the middle circlish thing). I showed it to a friend and he pointed out that it was missing.
Good thing I did, that's what you get for working on the same thing day in and day out. You miss things, even big ones like that. Beh, anyway, NOW the modeling is complete! Nothing more! As I said, I won't be doing the outer circle thing that's outside the image.
Now it's time for shading and stuff.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Corona modeling finished

You heard it! Finally the modeling process is done. It took its sweet time. I'm not gonna do the outer rings that are outside the concept image. You can see bits and pieces of them but man, I'm so tired of modeling this, I want to jump into shading.
Maybe one day I will do the outer parts, but then it means I would have to make up a lot of it. I don't mind but I kinda wanna just do what the concept entails.

Anyway, finally it's all finished. Shading and lighting next, I'm looking forward to it a lot.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corona update yet again

I haven't been able to work as much on it as I would have wanted to, but here's a small update. I completed the podium or whatever you wanna call that spot.
Time to actually start with the left side, finally. Can't wait for this to be finished.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Corona: Right side finished

Wee, finally I finished this one piece. It took it's sweet time. The left side doesn't look any easier either. Next however I'll model the pedestal. But not today, gonna take what time I have left to watch some anime and perhaps play a game (Battlefield: Bad Company 2).
Well cheers!

Corona update

Hey there.

Two things, one I will post an update to the corona project. I hope to finish it now as soon as possible so I'll be working like crazy on this one.

And two, I found out who the artist is for that drawing which I'm now realizing in 3D.
She's a Japanese artist named Isakawa Megumi. Her deviant art is:
Over there there's this image which she created. Thank you TinEye for your image search engine capabilities. That's how I found her. I uploaded the concept image and TinEye looked the web for similar images and eventually found her deviant art account.

So thank you Isakawa for that concept, it's obviously awesome as I now am trying to recreate it in 3D.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm back

Yo, long time no update. Honestly, I've been having a rough time for a very long time (a bit more than a year), health issues and other personal stuff. I've just not had the motivation or will to do much 3D work because of that.
But now I'm back, I feel great and it's time I started to liven this blog up again a bit. I've been working on the Corona project for a few days now, I will soon post some updates (maybe later today or in a few days.

But I'm back! :)