Saturday, February 23, 2008

Company projects

Hi there. So, I have resumed my 3D modeling a bit, however it's not on the head or that character shown below. I am in the midst of starting up my company now together with my partner so I need to do company projects to make money.
And unfortunately the character below is a hobby project I do on my sparetime. However, the things I'm working are now are furniture models that will be up for sale once they're finished and the company is officially up and running, to be specific it's a mirror that I'm doing now. It will be higher poly as this is more of a "modern/rich folk" mirror :D
Right now it's almost halfway done, without the exceptions of textures and materials (those will be included with the model once purchased).
All models that I do and are for sale will be displaced on the company site ( and also on other sites like

It's because of my company that I haven't been able to model much lately because of all the paperwork and other things I needed to take care of.
Anyway, when I've worked a bit more on this mirror model I will post images for you peeps to see. The modeling will be done today, but the texturing might take a bit longer as I need to prepare some good ones.

That's what's up. :)

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