Monday, February 11, 2008

Preparations, preparations.

So, I do have some stuff I will soon post here but I need to prepare a bit, like the model, the setup etc. I'm also learning ZBrush now to sculpt and add the final touches to the model, however, Maya won't let me export to an .obj that isn't corrupt.
For you who do not know, if you want to export a model and later import it into ZBrush you need on of three kinds of files, .obj, .dxf or .ztl. Any major 3D program should be able to export to either .obj or .dxf, however Maya corrupts the file formats and when I import them into ZBrush I get an error or the model won't load at all.

So now I will have to debug the thing and maybe look up another .obj exporter, as I doubt ZBrush is at fault here.

Anyway, other than that, I'm making a human male model. He doesn't have a head right now and I want to create it before importing into ZBrush, thus why I'm learning ZBrush beforehand so that I know what to do once the model is finished.
And as I said, later I will post images, whether it is today, tomorrow or a bit later, they soon will be here. Now I have some work to do :)


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