Saturday, April 12, 2008

Long time no update

So yeah. I've been busy like crazy with creating my portfolio site while holding my own against the ADP class AND running my company. There are some things that I need figuring out, like if I should continue to use this blog for updates what's been going on or if I should create my own now on the portfolio site. The thing is that blogger already has some awesome features which I do NOT want to create by myself.
Meaning that if I do create a blog of some sort, it will be very simple without many features. And maybe just maybe in the future I will develop that blog to include whatever I need.

But I'll see what I come up with and till such time where I have time to continue write, cause right now I'm quite busy and my fingers are rather stale making typing hard, and I hit the wrong buttons all the time.

So first thing first, breakfast! Then I'll come back with an answer or just ramble.

In the meantime, check out the portfolio site and if you have any comments, critiques and such feel free to email me or respond on the forum.

Link to portfolio site: