Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blog changed.

So, now I have come to a small conclusion that I miight start posting more on this blog.
I'm thinking that if I have a blog specific to some subject that I perhaps will spend some time to post in, and the subject is 3D/CG. For you who do not know what CG is, it's 'Computer Graphics', with other words, anything from 2D, 3D, digital concept art, movies and yada yada. Mostly when someone mentions CG they think of 3D animated movies such as Ice Age, Hoodwinked, Toy Story, Shrek etc. but that however is not the only thing CG stands for, just a heads up.

Also, along with the 3D/CG blog I most likely will have anything that involves that, meaning, pre and post production too. So, without further addo, I now introduce my newly refreshed blog. And soon enough I will start posting any projects that I'm working on and any relevant/irrelevant information and chant I have.

Look forward to it!

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