Thursday, November 27, 2008

Flag model update

Yes, I've finally found a way to animate those stupid flags. After weeks and weeks of trail and error I finally found a way.
Of course I'm talking about the flags for the open source game Nexuiz. The animations are pretty much done, there's still a bit more things to be done but overall the hardest part is over. Now there's just a 'semi'-hard part left. But before I talk about that I need to know if that will be done or even can be done.
However, I don't believe it will be long now until I release these flags for everyone to see and enjoy. So till then I'm just going to keep you guys in suspense about the animations. Of course, you can still download the static flags and follow the thread I have over at Nexuiz forums but I'm not going to upload these half-done animated flags just yet. You'd have to settle for the static.


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