Monday, March 3, 2008

Storyboard - Part 1

So, I've just had a nice breakfast, spaghetti and minced meat sauce. It's leftovers from yesterdays dinner, awesome stuff, give you lots of energy in the morning.

But anyway, here are the first two pages of the storyboard. I didn't have too much time working on these but at least I got two pages finished (6 panels), and there's tons more to do of only the first sequence. This pretty much is one whole scene, I edited and removed the description of each panel as I do not want to share that just yet. I want to actually finish the whole sequence 1 in storyboard form before I share any kind of other info. Meaning, that I will update the forums and probably start looking for people to join up on the project.

Edit: I actually forgot to upload the pictures, anyway, fixed now, enjoy.

NOTE: Also, I will implement this project as my project for the Mastering Maya - Advanced Digital Production class over at 3D Buzz. That way I won't have to start yet another project in my already full schedule.

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