Friday, March 7, 2008

ADP Videos

So, I told myself that I would finish the storyboard yesterday but I got second thoughts about to whereas I should do it. The reason to why that was, was because I need to think up the title, the project name, the project "team" name and a few more. Now the title and project team name isn't important but what is important is that I need to know how long those things are going to be and how much things are actaully gonna show, and I do not know that currently so that means I cannot work with that just yet. Instead what I gonna do is take some time now and watch the ADP (Advanced Digital Production) videos. Now it's mostly the introductions to those different programs I'm gonna be using but I think it's important that I at least one have watch them through so that I have stored that info at the back of my head. Then later I will have easier to learn those things that I may have forgot.

I've also been thinking of creating a website, more like a portfolio, with work in progress, finished work, information/bio and other stuff. It's just that I don't have that much time and with another such big project will be very much in my already busy schedule, which was why I didn't just went ahead and create one before. But now I see that maybe I won't have a choice. As I want more control to how to manage my files, images, videos and overall look. And with this Blogspot, well for one I will be limited to only 1GB (which is quite much) but sooner or later I will be needing more. There may come a time where you will be permitted more space in the future but that's not something I'm taking my chances on. In a 3D/CG production environment you quickly will get to the point where it exceeds that amount, and plus as I said, I want more control on those other things.

But yeah, this whole day I'm gonna take to skim through those ADP videos and I'll see what I'm gonna come up with.

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