Saturday, March 8, 2008

Portfolio site

So, I've decided to finally create my own portfolio site. I've been thinking of doing that for probably over a year or even more perhaps. The thing was that I had almost no time or found other sites that could host my work. But at the end of the day it's still better to have your own site where you apply your own rules and aren't restricted by stuff like maximum upload limit, filetypes, management systems and alike.

My portfolio is hosted on Origion Studios website, link below. It's still not much to see as I've just started to add the main files today, but more will come over time.
I've also watched lots of ADP videos and now am gonna go ahead and create the concept art for project Eto.101. So if things go ok I will be done with these soon enough. On monday I start up my company officially and a LOT of my time will go poof away :p So I won't be able to work on project Eto.101, or other things as much as I have been able to this past week. I am however looking forward to that as I finally will have stuff organized, and the most important thing is time.

My portfolio site:

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