Monday, September 8, 2008

Nexuiz Flag - Sev Concept, update

I've updated the flag a bit, redone the stick and added a "laser stand" so to speak. The glow from the laser disturbs the glow from the Nexuiz logo, but I think it looks ok. Just have to put this up for critique on the Nexuiz forums.

I've tried exporting this to a .smd, but with the setup I did before it didn't work. I just have a hard time exporting to .smd from Maya. But hopefully if I use Milkshape and Blender, and go back and fourth from one app to another I can make it work. We'll see. When I imported a .ma file (Maya Ascii file) into Milkshape, Milkshape crash all the time. Perhaps my scene was too messy (hopefully) but if not I'm gonna try with different computers and different versions.

So much work to make this work. I hope I can get a hold of 'Doc-Pyton', a guy who made weapon models for Nexuiz and made them work. The best part is that he also is a Maya user, so hopefully he can help me a little. We'll see.

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