Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sword update

Hmm.. stuff happened, and then more stuff happened, before I knew it, I was creating a entire environment just to be able to display the sword. Ok, here's the deal, I wanted to create a simple background for the sword to be in, however, this simple background turned to become an even greater task than creating the sword. I have now for a few days been building and texturing it. Honestly, I don't know where I'll stop.

The sword however I believe is all but done, might make a few tweaks to the texture/bump map. It will all depend on the lighting I will settle for (which I haven't decided yet). I'm thinking of adding a few more objects into the scene before moving on to lighting. Anyway, I'll post two images, one of the handle of the sword (without bump) then a overview of the shot I'm going for.


PS. All is done in Maya, I used Photoshop to adjust the levels of the image above as it was too greyish and washed out. The plant and tree are paint effects I converted to polygons if anyone wonders.

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