Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finished high poly version of weapon model.

Here's the high poly version of the designed Nex model. Going soon to start on the low poly version, UV mapping and texturing. What else can be said?



cubedude89 said...

Nice! very nice.

A.M. Abdelaziz said...

That looks very good man, when r u goin to implement it in Nexuiz? did u contact nexuiz developers?

Kuroto said...

As soon as I've finished the texturing and rigging it will be done. I don't really know what the developers think but many do want a new Nex gun so I don't think it's going to be a problem with the implementation.

Currently I'm very busy but I hope to finish this one soon.

A.M. Abdelaziz said...

btw, I would like to know what programs do u use?
Blender+GIMP or Photoshop+Maya?
I think u use the latter combination.

I'm new to modeling and still learning it, can u send me this weapon model?? it would be nice to play with it, and *maybe* I can help.

my email is AMAMH3 at GMail

Kuroto said...

As you suspected, I use Photoshop and Maya. However, I do use Blender sometimes for a few tasks, like baking AO (Ambient Occlusion) as it's easier and much faster there than in Maya.
I also use MapZone to create textures and incorporate them in Photoshop.

I see no reason as to why not send it. The model is complete and UV mapped as well. I'll export it to .obj later and then I'll send you. If you need any other format give me a shout. Either leave a comment here or email me.

A.M. said...

Thanks man, I hope I could help u with it.
as for the format, well I think blender can read .obj files, I see it in the import list.