Thursday, August 7, 2008

Starting to learn MapZone

Hi, a friend of mine showed me a program a couple of months ago which is called MapZone where you can create your own textures. This is a very good thing for me as I need to create my own for my 3D work but I never actually took time to learn it (didn't need any textures). But today I sat down and started to play around with the program and I see that it has lots of potential.
It is a procedural workflow, meaning you can go back in "time"/history and change things to get other results (the 3D application Houdini 9 also has a procedural workflow). This kind of workflow is very powerful.

Today I just learned the program and made a texture from a tutorial. Not much to show really as it is from a tutorial, but I wanted to do that anyway.
But the best thing is that MapZone is free too. That's some awesome stuff right there.
Well now, I'm gonna go back to eating my Ramen and chill while looking at some video tutorials where they create other textures from scratch.

PS. I'll give you these textures if you want to use them, they are not super high quality but if you can use them for anything that's great. I don't need any credit either as this was from a tutorial, I don't consider stuff like that genuine. Plus, I don't even know if I did everything correctly as the tutorial got a bit sketchy at the end.
I'll add a normal map too.

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