Friday, December 17, 2010

Johannes Gotlén - Programmer

Hey dudes, long time no updates here.
Sorry about that, things are hectic around here, haven't had much time for many things. Hoping I can get back to that Corona projects again very soon.

In the meantime you guys can check out a site which belongs to a programmer friend of mine. He's a very talented programmer and works (or will work soon) for some secret organization for a secret purpose which has to do with secrets.
Yeah, intriguing right? He's a fun dude.

This site is his personal one which he displays whatever goes on with him and projects he might be working on.

Johannes Gotlén:

So with that I'll take my leave. Hoping I can get some 3D up and running again to show you, whatever I'm working on right now I'm not allowed to disclose.

Oh and Merry Christmas everyone, along with Happy New Year!

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