Monday, March 9, 2009

Modeling done (hopefully)

So, after a bunch of Nexuiz projects I really need to get back into the Eto.101 project and my portfolio.
So the past few days I've dove right into the character I'm making again and now after tweaks and stuff I think I'm finally done with the modeling. Keep in mind that this is my first character I've finished completely. I won't know what's wrong with it (if something is wrong) unless I texture, rig and skin him up then start to animate. I feel that I need that experience so no matter what now I'll be digging into texturing this thing.

Currently I just slapped on a simple fast skin shader in Maya on him and tweaked it just a bit. Tomorrow I hope to more seriously start working with him. I mainly want to get him unwrapped so that I can create a texture for him and bring him in ZBrush for detailed sculpting and creating displacement maps. This is also experience I need right now.
You can only learn so much from pushing and pulling verts all day long.

Anyway, cheers.

PS. He will be clothed so I'm not super concerned of what's taking place on his body. I will tweak his groin a bit though, I don't like that crease from the crotch.

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