Sunday, February 15, 2009

DOM points for Nexuiz

I've started to create DOM (Domination) points for Nexuiz (next project will be Runes). Posted these up for feedback over at the Nexuiz forums ( We'll see if people have anything to say.
My favorite concept is concept nr4. Those rings will be transparent and hovering slowly up and down to give a nicer look to it. If there won't be much of feedback then I'm going to go with that concept.

Domination has 4 different teams and each team have different logos. The thing in the middle in concept for is for the blue team, it will be a different symbol for the other three teams.

PS. Domination and Runes are two different gameplay modes, in domination you capture as many points as possible and try to protect them from the enemy to capture.
Runes is where you collect different 'runes' which give you different abilites, some might even cripple your abilites. Like one can make you do increased damage to enemies, while another one might slow you down if you pick it up.


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