Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wow, if feels like it's been since forever I posted here but now that I actually come here I see the last post was just a little than 2 weeks ago, which isn't such a long time. I've totally become time impaired.
Anyway, that's the the reason why I post here now, but in fact I just want to show some things I've been working on.
Firstly, I have finished the flags for Nexuiz, actually they have been finished for a long time now I just haven't said anything here. The official design will be a flag with 2 cloths, then people wanting 1 flag and people wanting 3 flags both compromise.
Secondly, I've made a quick thing for Kojn/Kojak (a Nexuiz player) to include in his movie. The Nexuiz 'chikara' character along with some 30 sec countdown in numbers.
Lastly, I've created a skeleton model for Cubeowl (Brutail, another player and helper with Nexuiz) to use in a map that he is creating. He had a skull that I also had to reduce the poly count for as it was way too much. But I won't bring that up here as I didn't do that other skull model.

I am also working with machine gun ammo for Nexuiz currently, as well as documenting it (by recording my steps on video) so that other people might learn something hopefully.

Well, that's what I have been doing. Kojn wants another little thing for his movie which I will make today if I have time. I need to UV unwrap that skeletong model first which I anticipate won't take too long.

Cheers folks.

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