Saturday, June 7, 2008

Started planning the vegetation

I've been modeling a lot and almost finished the entire environment and props, minus the vegetation for Sequence 1. I've decided that I will do the vegetation separately as it will take more planning on how I will create it. I need trees, flowers, grass and other stuff all around the place.
As of this moment I'm trying paint effects (from Visor) in Maya to see if they have anything I can use, and I'm trying out shadowing and texture quality. As I'm going to use a lot of trees I don't really want to model out every single one, only those that will need more attention for closeups and such. So far, it's looking good for the paint effects, but I think I'll model out a simple base mesh for a couple of trees then add detail to it in ZBrush, perhaps create normal maps for them.

For now enjoy these pictures:

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